Support Queens of Shades Patreon!

Good Morn or Eventide to you all.
Some great news, I am pleased to announce the Launch of the Queens of Shades Patreon scheme! 
What is this some of you may well ask? Well- quite simply, we are looking to monthly donations toward Queens of Shades, so we can put more time and resources into expanding the comic and adding many-many different features to it. Before now we had been dedicating what limited spare time we had towards the project. With this, we hope to, in time, be able to give it the right amount of time and attention to have two to three page updates a week, this is the dream. Not to mention the box full of goodies we have planned to reward our Patreons with.
So what do you get out of it? Did I mention Goodies? Yes you did hear right, besides a kickarse comic, there will be a number of rewards for the amount you donate. To put it simply, the more you donate, the better the rewards will be. And we do plan to add more as time goes on!

So if you are interested or merely intrigued, visit the Queens of Shades Patreon site to check out what we are offering!
Thanks all, and we hope you will decide to support our cause!
- Ast.